Squeeze’s Pop Up Shop CDs let you relive their gig

Ever longed to experience the live set from your favourite gig once again?

Well, now you can. At least if you’re a fan of Squeeze anyway.

On every date of their current tour, Chris Difford, Glenn Tilbrook and co.’s performance will be recorded and made available immediately as part of a three CD set, which also includes their Packet Of 4 EP.

Some of the more cynical among us might see this as a desperate attempt to boost merchandise sales; a gimmick for punters to buy into. However, I think it’s a nifty idea.

Most of us would love to relive our favourite performances. More often than not, a desperate attempt to see if anyone has captured the moment and uploaded it to YouTube only leads to disappointment. Bootlegs are rare and typically the quality of such a recording leaves a lot to be desired – whereas these CDs will be mixed via the sound desk throughout the gig.

In a similar vein to rockers 3 Doors Down, who produced USB wristbands with MP3s of live tracks at their shows earlier this year, it’s another example of bands trying to keep up with the technology era. Truly making the most of the digital age by creating unique releases night after night.

The thing that makes Squeeze’s Pop Up Shop CDs stand out from previous attempts to meet the desires of the keen gig-goer, is the form of the product. The effort to physically publish these sets, track by track, at the scene of the event cannot go unnoticed. Fans who can’t make the shows can even pre-order a copy from the night of their choice, leaving the tracklist to chance.

Here’s a taster of what to expect:

So if you had the opportunity to get your hands on a CD copy of your favourite gig, which would it be?


Sufjan Stevens’ latest music video is an undead insight into upcoming Christmas release

Not long ago the rumours of a new Sufjan Stevens album buzzed across my social media feeds like a drunk wasp on a waltzer. So when the video for ‘Mr Frosty Man’ was unleashed onto the internet, before the eyes of expectant indie enthusiasts and Christmas fans alike, I was delighted to see for myself these hopeful whispers bear fruition.

Normally I’m hesitant to discuss anything relating to the Yuletide period outside of December, but in this case, what with Halloween having descended upon us last week, this visual masterpiece is quite an apt way to wave off the spookiest day of the autumn season and ring in the winter months.

Reminiscent of a more gruesome Nightmare Before Christmas, the video might not win any marathons (lasting just 2:01 minutes, a brief sneeze of time) but it certainly packs an undead punch . Without spoiling the climax for anyone, ‘Mr Frosty Man’ tells the tale of a snowman who comes to life in an attempt so save his creator from a nuclear zombie attack. The usual, you’re probably thinking? Well no, of course not, but let’s remember that Stevens can be fairly unpredictable and according to director/master of claymation  Lee Hardcastle, his creations ‘are not for children’.

As a fan of the vast majority of Stevens’ back catalogue, I believe I won’t be alone in saying that ‘Mr Frosty Man’ is hardly a mind-blowing addition to his oeuvre. However, it’s still a welcome return to the forefront from the Detroit-born multi-instrumentalist. If this video is anything to go by, a lot more adventure is hopefully in store on this upcoming release, which ties into what is more traditionally a time of peace. I welcome any seasonal shake up Stevens has to offer.

Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas, Vols. 6-10 is a five-EP box set of Christmas-related songs and carols recorded by Stevens between 2006 and 2012. It serves as a follow up to Songs for Christmas, released six years ago and will be available on November 13th.